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Buying and Selling Homes

Real Estate Investor Info

Acquiring money from private sources is how we buy and revive homes.

We have a team of
professionals that include: ​

Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Agents, Title Companies,  Lawyers, Plumbers, Framers, Carpenters, Electricians, 

HVAC Personnel, Flooring Contractors Cabinet makers,

 and Landscapers just to name a few.

Securing money from private lenders is a huge part of what we do and who we are. We work with our lenders to help them achieve their financial goals. Because let's face it, in today’s market, your hard earned dollars that you’re saving for retirement may not be enough.

Investing in real estate is a safe effective way to put money into retirement funds, TAX FREE!! Also your money is secured by real estate! You can drive by and see your investment every single day, unlike the stock market, which can be scary.

Using private lenders allows us to move fast and acquire

good real estate deals. We try to acquire properties before they hit the market, that way we can get properties at a better price. Because the money is available faster and we close faster, we get better deals using cash versus trying to wait on bank funds.

We can structure deals any way we see fit,

that works for us and a lender.

From all of us here at DeVco, we believe our pride and craftsmanship will be easy to notice! Feel free to check back from time to time to see what we're working on, look at the pictures of the different phases of construction, read our blog and also keep an eye out for our open houses. 

And come by and see the difference for yourself! 

Real Estate Investments of Wilmington, NC.


 We buy, invest, revive, and resell homes. 

All homes are updated to today's standards.

There is nothing left in the home untouched.

Our  team inspects every bit of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and framing making sure that a  house is up to today's code.

If it's not, we fix it so it is!

We produce quality revivals that will be  trouble free for years to come! 


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